Basic Function
Possibly have an initial offer along the lines of : Sign up before December 1st for a FREE silver entry or discounted gold entry?
FREE Silver entry (or small one-off cost?)
Gold entry for £X.XX (one- off or per year?)
Wedding Website Design & Hosting
Silver membership will get you a simple entry
in the category of your choice, including:

Your business name
Contact phone number
Email address
A link through to your website if applicable
Gold membership will give you the same entry as silver membership, as well as:

"Gold" colour entry in our listings
A full page entry with the details you provide
Custom-made banner added into rotation
     on all sections of the website.
Automatic access to all future upgrades
   and features of our GOLD level entries
Looking to create a professional (or upgrade an existing) website for your Highland Wedding related business or venue? Visit us at Inverness Online Ltd and fill out our quick quotation form for a highly competative quote. You can find many examples of the websites we have created in our online website portfolio.

As a bonus, any new websites created will automatically gain a GOLD level entry in this site free of charge.
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